Fixing A Broken Necklace: Is It Possible To Fully Repair A Valuable Piece Of Jewelry?

Posted on: 14 June 2023


Did your favorite necklace break? It may be the one piece of jewelry you wear daily and nearly never take off. Now that it's broken, you're probably feeling upset and worried that you won't be able to wear it ever again. However, jewelry repair services are available and are good to look into when you own a valuable piece of jewelry that means a lot to you.

Can a Necklace Be Repaired?

Your necklace may look like it will never be fixed again, especially when there is damage to the chain, but that doesn't mean it's not fixable. There are several ways to repair a necklace to restore it to its condition, but the technique used to fix your jewelry will depend on what's wrong with it and how it broke in the first place.

Damaged Clasp

The clasp to a necklace can eventually break due to regular wear and tear. When the clasp isn't closing or has broken, a jewelry repair specialist can carefully remove that old clasp without causing any damage to the chain itself. Once they've taken the broken clasp off the chain, they would use small, delicate tools to apply a different clasp that blends right in with the chain.

Damaged Chain

If the clasp isn't the problem, there's a chance that the chain is twisted or broken. When a chain breaks, it is impossible to wear the necklace, and most assume that means they must get rid of the chain altogether. However, if you like the chain and don't want a replacement, a jewelry repair specialist can use flush cutters and jewelry pliers to remove damaged pieces before connecting the rest of the chain back together.

Missing Stones

Stones that fall from pendants are usually a quick fix. The jewelry expert would discuss the specific stone replacements you want to have added to your necklace, such as rubies, diamonds, or other colorful gemstones. The specialist will help you pick the replacement stones and secure them in place so they don't fall out on you when you're wearing your necklace.

Using services like this when you have a broken necklace means you might not necessarily need to replace a piece of valuable jewelry that you love wearing. When you bring your necklace in for repairs, the specialist will assess the piece to learn more about the damage, discuss the work they need to do to fix it, and then proceed to use their jewelry tools to complete assorted repairs.

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