Advantages Of Working With A Jeweler That Uses CAD Software Custom Diamond Jewelry Design

Posted on: 10 January 2022


Buying jewelry, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be an incredibly personal process. Foremost, you will probably want the style of jewelry to be as unique as possible without appearing gaudy or poorly designed. Additionally, as long as you have a budget in mind, you will likely want a custom piece that fits within this budget so that you do not experience buyer's remorse. Lastly, you may want to provide input into the design of the custom jewelry so that it has your personal touch. With that in mind, the best way to make the most of custom diamond jewelry is by working closely with a jeweler that employs CAD software.

What is CAD software?

Computer-Aided Design software refers to programs that are tasked with coming up with drafts, designs, and three-dimensional models of products that will be manufactured. When it comes to custom diamond jewelry, the jeweler will use CAD software to integrate all elements you would want on the jewelry while also employing their technical expertise to come up with pieces that will match your vision. With the computer-aided design, you will have a comprehensive view of what the final piece of jewelry will look like, as the software provides images from all possible angles. Therefore, once you are satisfied, the jeweler can create a wax porotype and this will be replicated into the custom diamond jewelry item, be it a ring, anklet, bracelet, cufflinks, or other type of jewelry.

What are the advantages of CAD software for custom diamond jewelry design?

  • Quick turnaround: A top reason why some people will pay extra for computer-aided custom jewelry design is for the fast results that this technique offers. This is especially convenient if you are looking to purchase custom jewelry for a loved one on short notice. Not only is coming up with the initial design quick, but so is the process of adding final touches, making alterations, and creating the custom diamond jewelry pieces.
  • Highly detailed: Even the most gifted jewelers will experience challenges when it comes to creating intricate details on delicate pieces of jewelry, as there simply will not be sufficient space for them to navigate their tools on the custom jewelry. Perhaps you would want engravings on the prongs or intricate designs a tiny clasp. Whatever the case, you will find that CAD design is better suited at producing accurate renderings than hand-drawing would be. So, if you want custom diamond jewelry that will stand out due to its elaborate yet minute designs, working with a jeweler that uses CAD software will be your best bet.

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