Three Popular Barbell Earring Designs

Posted on: 18 September 2021


If you're looking to buy a pair of earrings that offer an edgy design, the barbell shape is something to which you might gravitate. These probably aren't earrings that you'd wear to an office job from Monday to Friday, but if you're getting ready to attend a rock concert on the weekend and are looking for the right type of jewelry, it can be fun to change into barbell earrings. Your local jewelry store likely carries a selection of barbell earrings, so you shouldn't be surprised to see these three popular designs.


You'll notice a lot of standard barbell earrings, and these can be fun pieces to add to your jewelry collection. Standard barbell earrings get their name from their appearance, which consists of a pair of metal balls at each end of a shaft. The shaft can vary in length and width, as can the diameter of the balls. You can wear shorter barbell earrings through a single piercing hole in your ear, while you might wish to wear a longer design between two holes toward the top of your ear. Barbell earrings can vary significantly in weight, so whether you favor something heavy or something light, you shouldn't have trouble finding the right product at your local jewelry store.

Colored Glass

If you like the look of standard barbell earrings but you want to buy something that has a little more sparkle, look for a design that includes colored glass. These earrings have a ball at each end, but the ball is hollowed out to hold a piece of colored glass. You'll find glass in all sorts of different colors, so you can have fun shopping for a pair of earrings that you know will complement certain outfits that you own or even work well with your skin tone.


For a different look, you may wish to buy a pair of barbell earrings that are spiked. These designs can vary, but often have a ball at each end that forms a spike. Spiked barbell earrings offer an even edgier style that can appeal to certain people. If you enjoy listening to punk rock music, for example, you might like wearing a pair of these earrings to the next show that you attend. Learn more about the many different styles of barbell earrings when you visit your local jewelry store or browse the products on its website.