Buying A Diamond Ring Vs Diamond Earrings: What's Most Important?

Posted on: 22 February 2021


If you are looking for an amazing gift for an important person in your life, or heck, if you want to buy yourself something nice, look no further than diamond earrings. It is easy to tell real diamond earrings apart from fake ones even at a glance. They give off a charismatic sheen, and almost seem to have an internal glow. If you have bought a diamond ring at some time, you may feel that you know all you need to about how to purchase a one-in-a-million diamond. However, there are some slight differences in buying earrings vs rings. In an effort to help you with these differences they will be discussed presently.



The color of your diamond is extremely crucial in any kind of ring. This is because on your hands a ring can easily be pulled closer for inspection, and usually is. As soon as anyone says they are engaged, their friends will ask to see the ring. There are 23 color ranges a diamond could be. This range is anywhere from completely clear to a diamond with yellow hues. The closer the ring comes to the human eye, the more likely color will be recognized. 


With earrings, the color is not as important. This is because no one will be able to get too close to your ear for inspection. Earrings with some color will usually not be noticed. 



The cut of a ring is important, though it is one of the harder things to grade. People may not notice if the cut is a little off in a ring. 


The cut of your earrings is the most important factor. Since they are a pair, if the cut is not extremely similar it will likely be noticed quickly. 



Sometimes the carat on a ring can be smaller than desired because it will be surrounded by smaller diamonds. 


Since an earring is usually a standalone, the larger the carat, the larger the earring. It is usually worth investing a bit of money to get a larger carat when buying diamond earrings. 

In conclusion, for diamond earrings, the two most important factors are the cut and carat. This is actually good, because you may be able to find a diamond that is the size and cut you want, but with some slight color or inclusions that will never be noticed unless someone is very close to you and intensely staring at your earlobe. Diamond earrings can make anyone feel like they are worth a million and are the perfect gift for anyone.