3 Types Of Personalized Pet Necklaces To Buy

Posted on: 3 December 2019


It can be difficult to describe the love that many people have for their pets. If you're a pet owner, you know just how much you care for this member of your family. It can be fun to look for different ways to show this love — for example, you might have a coffee cup made up with your dog's picture on it, or you might design a custom calendar featuring images of your pet cat. If you enjoy wearing jewelry, another option is to get a necklace with a personalized pet pendant. There are many different pet necklace designs for you to consider, including these.

1. Pet Name

A simple and popular choice for a personalized pet necklace is to have your pet's name engraved on a pendant. The pendant itself can be any number of shapes, including a paw print, a bone, or an animal. You can choose a design that features the name of the pet engraved on the front side of the pendant. If you're memorializing a pet that has recently passed away, having the year of its birth and the year of its death engraved on the back of the pendant may be an idea that you like.

2. Pet Image

Some companies can actually turn a photo of your pet into a design that will fit nicely on a pendant. All that you'll need to do is submit a favorite image of your pet, which the company will essentially turn into a line drawing and engrave on the pendant. This can be a fun choice if you want something that is truly unique to your animal. Instead of just having an image of a Labrador retriever, for example, you can have a necklace that features your actual Labrador retriever's face.

3. Paw Print

While a paw print is a universally recognized shape that represents a cat or a dog, you might want to choose a pendant design that is a little more personalized to your pet. Some companies offer personalized paw print pendants, in which you take a print of your pet's paw and send it to the company. The company will then make a rendering of the paw print on a pendant, so you'll actually be wearing an image that has a close link with your pet. Each of these personalized pet necklace ideas can be something that you treasure while your pet is still alive and beyond.

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