Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Wedding Proposal

Posted on: 9 October 2019


You've found the woman of your dreams and you're ready to do it – you're ready to pop the question. The proposal can mean as much to a woman as the wedding itself – no pressure, but you've got some planning to do. Here, you'll find few ideas that can help you plan the perfect wedding proposal.

Shop at a Designer Jewelry Store

You know your lady's best friend – this is the person that you'll want to invite to go with you to the designer jewelry store – that is, if you can count on her to keep your secret until you're ready to pop the question.

While you're there, listen to not only what the best friend has to say about the type of ring your future wife would want, but also to heed the advice of the professional jewelry salesperson. They'll help you find the ring that she'll love, but will also hold its value and good looks.

Tip: If you're going all out and are spending a substantial amount of money on the ring, insure it! Way too many things could go wrong and the ring could end up lost or stolen – the insurance will protect you from complete financial loss if the ring goes missing.

Choose the Date

Is there an upcoming anniversary for any element of your relationship? It could be when you first met, your first kiss, the first time you realized that she was the one – these are the dates that will hold the most meaning to your lady.

If there aren't any upcoming anniversaries, you could choose a location rather than a date. This way, she won't have to wait another year for you to pop the question and it will still have a special meaning to both of you.

Private or Public

Do you want this proposal to be a public event with lots of cheers when she says yes? Or, would you prefer to keep it simple, quiet, and private? You know what would make your lady happiest – whether she's the type that would prefer a spectacle over a private moment in the park.

Take what you've learned about your lady and use it to come up with the best proposal plan possible. Hopefully, the help of her best friend, a good jewelry salesperson, and some careful planning, the day will go off without a hitch – and soon, you'll end up getting hitched to the woman of your dreams.