Stone Cuts To Consider When Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on: 26 April 2019


When the time comes to shop for that very first diamond engagement ring, the many options can be dizzying. How do you know what the right one is to get for your intended? You can always plan to go shopping for the ring together, but that takes much of the surprise out of the equation. If you want to lean toward the traditional and plan a surprise proposal, you need to understand the diamond shape options to help you choose the right one.


A brilliant-cut diamond is round in shape. It is a timeless and traditional diamond shape that truly stands the test of time and never goes out of style. It's a great choice for a girl who is more traditional and elegant or for the hopeless romantic. These diamonds are symmetrical, sparkling, and widely popular.


The second-most popular cut of diamond for engagement rings is the princess diamond. It's square with sharp corners. These stones offer much the same sparkle as a brilliant cut, but the shape stands out as an alternative. It is a bit more of a modern cut, allowing for a slight departure from the classical. If your girl is a bit edgier or more modern but still values some tradition, this is a great cut to choose for her.


An oval diamond is a significant departure from the classical styles. The rounded, smooth edges and longer shape of this diamond makes it an elegant, beautiful cut. For girls who are more sophisticated and have a sense of individualism, this may be an ideal choice. In addition, the longer shape of an oval diamond makes it a nice option for girls with longer, thin fingers. It will appear more natural on her finger than a larger, more cumbersome stone.


A pillow-shaped diamond is a brilliant-cut stone with rounded corners and larger, smooth facets. These diamonds are often more brilliant because of the larger facet surfaces. Far less common than many of the other shapes, this is a great option for the girl who wants something that is truly non-traditional and unique. It's a great conversation piece and a soft, romantic stone shape.


A marquise diamond starts with an oval foundation but features points at either end. The top of the diamond rises to a peak. The long shape and the smooth sides enhance the sparkle and brilliance of the stone. Much like the oval stone, this is a great choice for girls with longer fingers, often called piano fingers.


As the name implies, pear-shaped diamonds are wide and rounded at the base with a point at the top. They are far from traditional and not the most common choice for an engagement ring, but when you're shopping for a girl who has a strong sense of her individual personality and wants something unique, a pear-shaped stone will deliver just that.


The square shape of an emerald diamond is accented by the smooth, flat-top surface and the step layers on the sides of the stone. The corners are often cut as well, making for a truly breathtaking stone. It's a bit obtrusive for a girl with smaller hands, but for girls with larger fingers, this cut can truly stand out and look beautiful.

No matter what cut you decide to go with, make sure you also examine the setting. The prongs should be strong and secure so that there's no risk of the stone becoming loose or damaged. Talk with a diamond ring retailer near you to find out more information about what you should consider as you shop.