4 Ways To Match A Watch To A Gift Recipient's Personality

Posted on: 15 December 2014


The holiday season is upon you but you are not quite done with shopping. You have many items on your list, but you pause when you come to the word "watch." If one of your gift recipients needs to watch, but you don't know how to go about selecting it, try using his or her personality as a guide. Here are four ways to match a watch to a person's personality.

The Adventurer

An adventure wants a watch that is sleek, functional, and stylish. When choosing a watch for this personality, pick one that has a good balance of style and function. A smart watch would be too functional whereas a diamond encrusted watch would be too stylish—or tacky. Pick a happy medium. The adventurer is probably the easiest personality to select a watch for since they like to try new things.

The Celebrity

If you have a friend who dines with the stars—or at least hopes to—gift them with an high-end watch like a Rolex. For this gilded personality, nothing but the very best in bling will too. A Rolex will tell the world that they have arrived. It is the ultimate in status symbols. And so high in demand are these watches, that there are trained professionals able to repair or otherwise calibrate the fine-tuned watches, such as those from Hayes Jewelers.

The Computer Geek

The watch for the computer geek should be all about function. They like knowing how things work and they like watching as it happens. A smart watch would be a great idea for this personality. Smart watches are functional as they could be likened to a mini computer on the rest. If you sacrificed style for the sake of function in your watch selection, the computer geek will thank you.

The Eco-Friendly Friend

If your friend is all about conservation, then find a watch that uses the minimum amount of processing for its production. Find a watch that is produced in an earth friendly manner. There are many watches to choose from that are made from natural fabrics and natural materials such as wood. You will not have to sacrifice style n your selection since many watch designers are creating watches from sustainable materials.

Some say that you can tell a lot about a person by the type of watch that they wear. Since you know the personality of your gift recipient, you are poised to make an informed decision about what type of watch they may prefer. Even though some people are foregoing watches for their smartphones, a watch is still a functional way to make a style statement.