Love Solitaire Engagement Rings? 5 Ways To Make It Unique

Posted on: 6 November 2020


Do you or your fiancé want a simple solitaire engagement ring? This classic style features one large diamond centerpiece and is one of the most visually striking styles of ring you can create. But it's also a popular style that may end up feeling like one of the other millions of rings being worn.

How can you make yours unique and personalized? Here are a few choices that help your ring stand out from the crowd.  

1. Use a Unique Cut. The gemstone cut gives each stone a different feeling, and some stand out more than others. Most diamond solitaires come in a round, princess, or oval shape. For a change, consider a more interesting shape like a pear, emerald, heart, or marquise style. 

2. Update the Band. A simple band doesn't preclude using originality for its design. One great choice is a twisted shank band. This rope-like twist is simple but striking without taking away from the centerpiece stone. You might also use pavé diamonds on the band. Pavé rings add very small diamonds along the band itself, making them part of the metal ring rather than separate features. The result is still a single solitaire in appearance but with a little added 'bling'. 

3. Try a Modern Bezel. Instead of a prong setting, a bezel setting provides a modern updated look. Bezel settings feature a band of metal—usually the same metal as the band—around the perimeter of the diamond to keep it in place. Bezels are both chic and protective. 

4. Change the Angles. Most diamonds are placed in settings with prongs near the four corners of the gem. It's an orientation most people expect to see, and it's nearly universal and traditional. Change up yours by moving the prongs to different locations. A 'compass-based' style is surprising and fun. 

5. Switch Colors. Have you considered a nontraditional gemstone color? While diamonds are considered the standard for engagement rings, you can use any gem you and your fiancé like. Emeralds, sapphires, citron, and rubies all make a real statement as an engagement ring. And if you want to stick with diamonds, you can get them in a range of colors from pink to yellow to black. 

Which of these twists on the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring could elevate yours from good to great? An experienced jeweler can help you find the right style, color, and variation to match any personality and any relationship. Contact a jeweler for more information about diamond rings.