Three Benefits Of Having A Watchband Resized

Posted on: 16 August 2019


When you buy a watch, it will often have a band that you can adjust to ensure that the timepiece snugly fits your wrist. This isn't always the case, however, and sometimes you'll find that your watch fits you so poorly that you seldom wear it. If you need your watch resized but aren't comfortable with taking on this project, your local jewelry store is a good place to visit. Any repair technician at the store will be able to quickly resize the watchband — and probably do so while you wait. Here are three benefits that you'll enjoy after getting the watchband resized.

Keeps The Face In Place

When you wear a watch with a band that is too large, the watch will often rotate on your wrist while you move. This movement can be annoying, but you'll especially find it to be inconvenient when you check the time. For example, you might glance down at the outer side of your wrist, only to realize that your loose watchband has caused the watch to rotate so that the face is on the inside of your wrist. This hassle may occur several times a day, but it won't be an issue when you get the band resized because it will remain in the desired position.

Prevents Sliding

A loose band will also cause your watch to slide up and down your wrist. For example, when you raise your hand for any purpose, the watch will slide toward your elbow a little. Conversely, when you lower your arm, the watch may slide down onto your hand. The movement itself can be bothersome for you, and it may even be annoying for those around you if the movement is loud. There's also the risk that if the watch is excessively loose, it could slide off your hand and fall to the ground. These issues won't be a factor once the band is resized.

Avoids Discomfort

On the other side of the equation is a watchband that is too tight. You may stop wearing the timepiece because the tightness cuts off the circulation in your hand or is otherwise uncomfortable. Having it be too tight can also jeopardize the watch. For example, one of the pins that holds the band in place could snap because of the constant pressure against it. In this case, you'll want to get the band lengthened so that it will be looser and thus more comfortable on your wrist.

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